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Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing in a Month) starts on November 1, so like Anna and Emilee, I did this meme.

When and how did you find out about NaNoWriMo? How did you do?
I found out about it in 2006,  I think. There was a flyer in the hallway of the English department at my university. My mentor urged me to participate, especially since I’d told her for the last five years “I couldn’t ever write a novel! I just didn’t have a story in me that long!” I didn’t win, but I did end up starting a novel that I believed I COULD write, thus changing my paradigm. And isn’t that just as good?  Sure it doesn’t come with a shiny certificate.  Here is a Teaser Tuesday from that novel, which will be reworked into 2009’s Nano.

How many times have you done NaNoWriMo?
2009 is my 2nd year.

How many times have you won? If you haven’t won, what was your best result?
Never.  A few thousand?

Where do you write and with what do you write?
In my room, and on the go, on the iphone and laptop. In class, in a notebook.

How do you find time to write?
In class..out of night, when things strike me. I write a lot “in my head” and write it down later. That’s how I write reviews, papers, and now, nano novels.

Are your partners, friends and family allies or enemies?
Friends, I’d say.  But everybody needs a foe, right? Or a nemesis.. I can start taking applications, should anybody be interested.

What are your strengths and what do you use to help you get to the end?
I hope to use Diet Dr. Pepper, countless tv episodes, Twitter, and the need to procrastinate from studying to help me to the end.

What are your weaknesses, obstacles and challenges that hinder you from finishing?
Lack of time. I graduate in December, have a lot to do.  Self-discipline. Writer’s Block. Not believing in myself.

Do you plot/outline/plan or do you write by the seat of your pants? How much do you plot or how unprepared are you?
I never outline but I am a little this year.

Do you participate in the real life community, go to write ins and meet ups in your area?
I doubt there’s any near me. ..and if there were, chances are they’d meet at my work, and I’m there enough.

What are your writing aids? Special snacks, music, totems, rewards or punishments?
The music of Journey, Neil Diamond, Stars, and other faves.  I’ll buy myself something awesome if I win.

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