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Bri Meets Books

Children's and YA literature reviews.

Status: Currently accepting requests

I’m happy to receive books for review. I’ve made a few notes below. You may email me at if you’re interested in submitting any titles for review. I would love to host giveaways, and I enjoy interviewing authors. I accept ARCs and published copies. You may also email if you just want to inform me of a title, recommendations are great!

– If I’m not interested in the title you contact me about, I may refer you to a blogger who would be a good fit.

– I’ve worked in the same bookstore for over five years. I merchandise product in the children’s and teen departments. This means I stock the shelves, unpack shipment, and maintain displays. Information on what bookstore and its location can be provided in a private email, should a publicist, publisher, etc, need to know.

– I’m currently in the job hunt process after finishing my Masters.  I plan on entering the publishing industry to work as a publicist.

– I read both YA and children’s books. I love picture books, middle readers, graphic novels, etc. I will consider all for review. Nonfiction and fiction are welcome. Titles from a series are fine as well.  I will read regular fiction (those not YA) if it could work for both YA and adult audiences.  Especially since a great deal of people read both.  You can browse my Goodreads page for an idea of how diverse my taste is, what I want to read, etc.

– I don’t grade with a star system, as I feel it can’t accurately reflect my feelings on a work. I point out aspects of the work I liked, and any I didn’t. I try to be 100% honest in my reviews. I try to write reviews that are more than a paragraph and really highlight how I feel about the book.

– Topics of interest include women’s history and issues, gay/lesbian themes. Animals, “school stories” (Andrew Clements-esque) etc are also a favorite.

– I’m not an avid reader of fantasy or historical fiction, but will consider the work based on the synopsis. I prefer urban and contemporary fantasy over those set in magical lands. I’m currently not reading books with characters suffering from life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer.

– I try to provide a decent amount of time for review. Feel free to suggest a date you’d like the review posted by – if none is provided, I try to post the review to time with the book’s release.

– I do not read self-published works.

– ARCs are welcome. Business cards or flyers with contact information – those I may submit my finished review to – are appreciated.

– Any part of my reviews may be used in promotional material, final covers, etc. If on the off chance this happens, I’d love to be notified!

– Once a review is posted, I eventually add it to my account at, mention it on my Twitter, and add it to Amazon.

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