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Children's and YA literature reviews.

I was inspired by Emilee @ Penultimate Page to post something I was working on, rather than reading.  This is my YA work-in-progress, a comedy about a girl who does comedy.  Tentative title as of this week is “An Untitled Yet Hilarious Work from a Writer of Unspeakable Talent (As Seen On Oprah)”

I’m going to blockquote it, so it looks important!  I learned this from English class. I’m glad I can use my degree!

“Steal my shoes, are you joking?” I said, pausing midbite. Surely, she was kidding. I could take the no to New York, but this was ridiculous. “Leave the jokes to me, Mom.”

“I read online about a gang that holds you up at gunpoint, takes your shoes and sells them on the black market.” She shuddered at the very thought of a band of men pouncing on me for my battered Keds.

“Who’d want these old things?” I asked, looking down at my shoes. Silently, I apologized to my beloved shoes for being so disparaging. “I read online that Bill Gates would give me one hundred dollars if I forwarded his emails, but it’s not true. Of course, if it were, should my shoes get stolen, I could replace them.”

“No,” Mom countered. “And that’s final.”

“That’s one of those cliche phrases they teach you in parenting school, where you all go to learn plots to ruin our lives,” I growled, stomping up the stairs.

“They also teach us to say ‘no’ in five languages! No, nein, non, não, la !” she called after me.

I yelled back down. “La?!”

“It’s Swahili!”

I went to my room, sure of two things:

1) My mother spent way too much time on the internet
2) I would get to New York somehow, someway and I would win.

I glanced at my posters of funny women hanging on the wall. Justine May gave me her trademark smirk and I read it as Of course, you will. You just might have to do things the hard way.

Now what you SHOULD be wondering is..

A) Who is this girl?

She’s a wannabe comedienne.

B) Why is she going to New York?

That’s where the magic happens.

C) Is Bri insane?

Answer hazy, check back later.


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