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This is my 2nd time on the Horrid Henry blog tour, and I’m honored I was asked to participate again.

horridhenryunderpantsMischievous doesn’t even describe Horrid Henry.  He’s devious, sneaky, and a few other words. And most of all, horrid. But the great thing about the Horrid Henry titles is that he always learns his lesson.   Each book contains four stories with simple but funny plots.

Horrid Henry is a little boy who definitely lives up to his name. He constantly teases his brother, Perfect Peter, who subscribes to magazines such as “Best Boy” and delights in eating his vegetables.

Like I noted before, my favorite quality of the series is that while he is a mean little boy, his pranks are harmless and actually pretty fun.  Some of them are rooted in typical child behavior – not wanting to eat vegetables or trying to get out of writing thank you notes.  Who among us can’t relate to those childhood woes?  Exactly.

In Horrid Henry’s Underpants, Henry faces his green enemies, vegetables, in “Horrid Henry Eats a Vegetable.”  With the promise of a trip to the greasy burger joint Gobble and Go if he eats all of his veggies for five whole nights in a row, Henry tries to find new ways to make the offending foods vanish from his plate.  And he does, but the reward isn’t all it seems to be!  This is my favorite Henry story. I love the look at Henry’s thoughts about the vegetables:

“Horrid Henry glared at his plate, teeming with slimy string beans. Just like a bunch of green worms, he thought. Yuck. He must have been crazy agreeing to eat vegetables for five nights in a row. He’d be poisoned before day three. Then they’d be sorry. “How could we have been so cruel?” Mom would shriek.  “We’ve killed our own son,” Dad would moan. “Why oh why we did make him eat his greens?” they would sob.”

horridhenry-scarysitterPassages such as the one above illustrate how well author Francesca Simon portrays a child’s thought process so accurately, with dialogues and inner monologues.   The book contains three other stories: Horrid Henry’s Underpants in which Henry is forced to wear some horrible and just awful underpants.  “Horrid Henry’s Sick Day” in which he plays at being sick, and “Horrid Henry’s Thank You Letter,” where he invents a fool-proof (or so you’d think) process for tackling dreaded thank you notes.

Horrid Henry and the Scary Sitter features the titular story, in which Henry meets his match with a fearsome baby-sitter who orders them to bed when it’s still daylight.  But with the help of a rubber spider, Henry tames her.  Also in the collection is “Horrid Henry and the Raid,” the tale of how the Purple Hand club raids the Secret Club, in a fight of boys vs girls.  “Horrid Henry’s Car Ride” is about a disastrous and somewhat sticky car ride, and finally “Tricks and Treats” is all about Halloween.

And speaking of Halloween, I have a brand new copy of Horrid Henry and the Mummy’s Curse for giveaway from Sourcebooks!  Plus I’ll also throw in Scary Sitter and Underpants! (Have been lightly read, only for purposes of review)

Horrid Henry indulges his favorite hobby—collecting Gizmos; has a bad time with his spelling homework; starts a rumor that there’s a shark in the swimming pool; and spooks Perfect Peter with the mummy’s curse. mummyscurse

To enter, just leave a comment about something horrid you did as a child.  Or even what one of your children did.  I’ll draw a name using on November 7.  US/Canada only please.

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