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Nova Ren Suma’s Dani Noir went on sale today, and my giveaway for 2 new hardback copies of her novel ended last night.  I asked commenters to respond to my interview with Nova with their best noir character name.
I gave the list of noir names to my mom, to be impartial, she chose the best name that fit the noir genre, movies of Rita Hayworth, etc.  And that winner was..
Lillie Vale
Submitted by Boni Ashburn
Lillie Vale was chosen because it seemed like a character Rita Hayworth would play, a innocent-on-the-outside dame who’d break your heart and have you on your knees begging her to take you back in the same second. Also, Lillie Vale, Private Eye has a nice ring.
The second entry was chosen randomly, using, and that winner was..
Steph Stu
Of Steph Su Reads
Thank you all for entering, and making my first fiction giveaway a big success.  Check out the new trailer for Dani Noir below. You can buy Dani Noir from Indiebound, Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble.