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As a teen, I loved the Sweet Valley series, and its various spin-offs. I still consider the “Evil Twin” mini-series one of my favorite teen reads of all time. Therefore, I was a little excited to see the re-release of the iconic series. Until I read Random House Proudly Promoting Eating Disorders at

The article highlights a letter sent to various journalists to promote the series’ re-release, which outlines several changes made to the books to reflect a more current girl culture.

According to the letter, the girls, previously described in the 80’s books as a “perfect size 6,” are now a “perfect size 4.” Elizabeth Wakefield no longer serves as the editor of the school newspaper, but rather the school’s website (this change is fine) and the school’s anonymous blog, ala Gossip Girl

Why is the change from size 6 to size 4 even mentioned? While some critics have commented that yes, this is probably a reflection of the fact that a size 6 IS now a size 4, are we so image-obsessed in our culture that we must actually highlight the change of a fictional character’s clothing size? Don’t girls of today have enough of the perfect body-image epitomized in celebrities and socialite? As a reader of the old series’ incarnation, I find this ridiculous, particularly because SVH # 74 The Perfect Girl concerned self-starvation, anorexia and body-issues. Will this book be obliterated from the series?

What kind of girl culture are we creating? In this day of age of pro-ana websites, and size 0 celebrities, a girl can’t even turn to a book without getting a negative body-image projected to them?

I’ll stick with my favorite beyond favorites, the babysitters, thanks.

Oh, and check out Isn’t that another great site for girls’ self esteem?