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Rebekah Raye’s The Very Best Bed features a tired gray squirrel searching for the perfect place to sleep for the night. He travels through the forest looking, but every possible spot has its own problem or there’s another animal occupying the space. A cozy den would be nice for the night, but there’s a bear. A hole in a tree might be perfect if it weren’t for a nest of raccoons.

The Very Best Bed‘s design makes this a great read for preschoolers. The watercolor illustrations are soothing and depict sweet scenes of various animals sleeping. The amount of text on each page is minimal, suitable for bedtime reading. There’s almost a lilting rhythm to the text as it highlights and bolds certain words – slap, jump, etc – to set them apart.

The title is also educational, with the story containing information of animal habitats and sleeping methods of animals. I’d recommend using it in a classroom lesson of animals habitats, as it makes a nice visual aid for interpretation. The preschoolers I read it to seemed to enjoy it and sat still for the whole thing..sometimes that’s quite a feat for a book to achieve!

Title: The Very Best Bed
Date: September 2006
Publisher: Tilbury House
Pages: 32
Format: Hardback

Copy for review provided by the publisher.