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Nightmare Academy by Dean Lorey, the first in a series, is the story of Charlie Benjamin. Charlie’s been plagued with nightmares for years, but his nightmares are different from other children’s: the monsters in them? They’re real. And they attack everybody but Charlie when they’re set loose.

After the dreadful “Naptime Catastrophe” at a preschool, Charlie’s parents keep him inside, schooling him, and protecting him for the world outside. Until one day, during a particularly horrendous nightmare, Charlie’s rescued by a lasso-swinging cowboy.who tames the nasty creature from Charlie’s dream. Soon after, Charlie’s whisked away to a strange school where children are trained to serve the academy. For once, he doesn’t feel so alone in the world, and finally has friends. But there’s that nasty problem of an escaped nightmare creature, one of the ominous “Named.” Together, along with the help of his instructor, Charlie and his friends must save the world and his family.

If Nightmare Academy is any indication, Dean Lorey’s series is perfect for fans of Harry Potter. The title reminded me of Skulduggery Pleasant actually, with its humorous tone, gripping storyline, and just plain sense of fun. The characters in the novel are well-developed, and the book remembers its audience, and keeps a childlike whimsy mixed with a dash of the supernatural, at all times.

Copy for review graciously provided by the publisher