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At work, I’m often asked for children’s books with multicultural themes, particularly by elementary education students. Raya’s Globe is just such a book I’d recommend.

On her blog Dubai-based author Shehadeh shares the story’s inspiration springs from an own experience with her own son.

Maha Sarraf Shehadeh Raya’s Glove is about Raya, a little girl in California. Playing with her new globe inspires a a friend to inquire, “Where you from?” The question perplexes Raya, who’s lived several places, but can’t pinpoint where she’s from. Raya asks various family members where she’s from, and each person gives her a different answer. Each has a memory, and she relives the sights, smells, and experiences of each place she’s been. Finally, she comes to a conclusion that incorporates all she’s learned.

Raya’s Globe‘s illustrations by Yasmine Taan add to the richness of the story. As Raya revists each place in her memory, images from the various countries fill the pages. I’d especially recommend Raya’s Globe for any multicultural lesson in a classroom, or for a child adopted abroad.