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The stick has always been more than “just” a stick. It appreciates music, and art, and admires beauty.  It does math equations.  But it lacks the voice to share its love and feelings with the rest of the forest, and therefore they see him as just a stick. Until one day, it figures out it had a way to speak all along.
From author and artist John Lechner comes a charming tale of finding one’s true voice.  I love this book. The illustrations are so soft, dreamy, and calming.  The text on each page is minimal, and draws you in, it’s perfect to be read aloud. The stick transitions from inanimate object to hero by page one and you’ll be rooting for him all the way, especially after he experiences a minor setback.
I wanted to use this in my storytime, but I’ve not had a chance yet. I know the children will love it, as will probably my stepmother’s class.  I can see it being used to begin a creative writing curriculum or even a discussion about self esteem.  Kids could take away the message that everybody, no matter how small, has a voice and it is indelible, no matter who tries to silence it.
Watch the trailer below and visit, to see more of the author’s work, including his other books, Froggy Fable, Sticky Burr, and several charming short films and games. 

Copy for review provided by the publisher.

Title: The Clever Stick

Author: John Lechner
Date: August 2009
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Pages: 40
Format: Hardback