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Talk about a coincidence. Just yesterday, I was visiting with my mentor and we discussed what charities we’d donated to this Christmas. She mentioned her family of six participated in Heifer International two years in a row, and as luck would have it, I was scheduled to review today: Give a Goat, a picture book from Heifer International founder’s daughter, Jan West Schrock, and illustrated by Aileen Darragh.

Give a Goat is a true story about a fifth grade class who set out to help give a goat to a needy family. The children are inspired by a story read aloud by their teacher, and get together to hold fund raising to make enough to purchase a goat for a needy family so they may have a better life.

I won’t reveal the ending, but one thing the book taught me about Heifer International was “passing on the gift”: how one family receives an animal that eventually gives birth, the owners give the baby animal to another family, so they can too can experience an improved life.

As, The Well-Read Child points out, the book isn’t a blatant shilling for Heifer International., While the organization features heavily in the storybook, the result is a sweet story about giving, and how anybody – even children – can change the world, and the children inspired others in their school to give to other charities.

The language employed is a child’s vocabulary, with the occasional “cool!” – the tale related as if a child were really telling it, and the sketched, watercolor-like illustrations evoke a child-like feel, with mischievous goats populating the pages.

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