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Daria Snadowsky’s Anatomy of a Boyfriend‘s narrator is seventeen-year old Dominique, whose grasp of the male figure lies between the pages of Grey’s Anatomy, which she reads religiously, aspiring to become a doctor. While attending a local football game at a neighboring high school with her boy-crazy friend, she meets Wes, track star, 6’1, blond hair, blue eyes, the epitome of the quintessential boy next door. Dom falls for Wes. Hard.

In a way she’s never felt before. Soon their flirty IM exchanges escalate to more, and Dom finds herself becoming intimately acquainted with a living specimen of the male variety. Snadowsky writes a believable portrayal of a teen relationship, with both participants eager to explore, yet hesitant for their first time.

And then, as Dom puts it, “came the fall.” As the weather changes, so too changes the relationship between the two as they part for college, and struggle with managing a relationship while so apart – both physically and emotionally.

Anatomy of a Boyfriend is the real deal. Here is the true anatomy, the heartbeat of teen fiction. This is teen love at its center: raw and wounding and surprising. Euphemisms are tossed aside, in favor of the correct terminology of the male body, sex is not a footnote to the story, a single moment shared by the characters. Love is portrayed in a daring way as Dom experiences her first genuine relationship. While smart academically, she’s not so well-versed in in ways of the heart, and her agony over Wes comes through clearly. Snadowsky dedicates the novel to Judy Blume,and while in the beginning she follows in Blume’s path with strong and realistic female characters, she breaks to forge her own path as Dom navigates her new world.

Anatomy of a Boyfriend is available in paperback September 23 from Random House. Copy for review provided by the author.