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Imogene Tripp loves history so much that her first words as a baby were “Four score and seven years ago.” She helps restore the Liddleville Historical Society, but to her disappointment, nobody visits.  Then she learns the Mayor has ordered the building torn down and plans to put a shoelace factory in its place.  Taking to the streets, Imogene launches a one woman campaign, blanketing the town with flyers and crying ala Paul Revere “the bulldozers are coming!” but nobody listens.  “The shoelace factory will put Liddleville on the map,” they say in reply. But Imogene is determined to win the fight – her last stand.

I was utterly charmed by this book.  Candace Fleming’s Imogene is plucky and adorable. Illustrator Nancy Carpenter depicts a girl who runs around town astride a stick horse as she quotes Paul Revere, and in flight goggles when she educates children during show and tell about notable heroines.  Imogene’s habit of quoting great men of history fits perfectly in this story, especially her reference to Martin Luther King’s utterance “We are made by history,” as she cleans the Historical Society.

The book’s ending is a little predictable to adults, but children will likely like it.  Imogene’s Last Stand is a great introduction to history for little ones with a sweet but determined girl.

Title: Imogene’s Last Stand
Author: Candace Fleming (Illus. by Nancy Carpenter)
Date: October 2009
Publisher:  Schwartz and Wade (Random House)
Pages: 40
Format: Hardback

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