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Under the Night Sky by Amy Lundebreck arrives on my blog during winter, when there’s not just a chill in the air – there’s a magical feeling. The picture book, beautifully illustrated by Anna Rich, is the tale of a little boy, who lies awake waiting for his mother to return home from her factory job. This is his tradition, pretending he’s been asleep as his mother kisses him goodnight. But tonight is different.

Ordering him to bundle up, mother ushers her son outside, where neighbors are gathered. Throughout the first pages, Rich uses dark and natural colors – browns, reds, etc. Blues are used very sparingly. Soon the sky is alive with magnificent blues, purples, and greens, with the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) captured on two pages, as every person on the street looks up at the natural wonder.

Together, they all watch the lights, as the child’s mother promises she will always try to give her best to him. The topics of conversation amongst the adults reflect the sentiment in her voice – the adults discuss the price of gas, rent, and other parental worries. The child recognizes the emotional atmosphere of the event, and makes an offer of friendship to a boy he previously teased. Here, under the lights, they are all part of something larger.

Slowly, as the sky whirls by, the child falls asleep under the night sky.

Ludenbreck’s work captures the dynamics of a single parent household, the lives of the middle-class and the awe-inspiring effect the simple things can leave on us. And Rich’s illustrations work well to portray the brilliance of the Northern Lights, as she slowly introduces more bright colors into the images for a dramatic effect. The picture book would serve as a great introduction to astronomy for younger children.

Copy for review provided by the publisher.

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