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Alyson Noel’s 2nd Immortals series arrived in bookstores July 2 (and is already # 1 on The New York Times list), and readers can go beyond the novels with the newly-launched

The website is a fully interactive experience with multimedia and exclusive content. The model for the website is Summerland -a place mentioned in Noel’s series.

Visitors to the site will find the following:

Overheard in Summerland – Hidden audio clips written exclusively by the author for the website. The clips are conversations between characters.

Aura Photo Upload – Visitors can upload their photo into a crystal ball and select which aura suits their mood. The photos can then be downloaded and saved to a computer.

Interactive Chakra Chart – Place your mouse over each chakra and the traits associated with that chakra will appear.

Downloads – Wallpapers, a screensaver in both narrow and widescreen versions for both Mac and PC, and a banner that can be embedded into fan blogs and MySpace profiles.

Author and Series Info – Visitors will find a note from Alyson, author bio, a list of scheduled tours and events, and links to Alyson’s other titles. They will also find Immortals Series book summaries, excerpts, audio book excerpts, and trailers. The site includes links to Alyson’s MySpace, Facebook page, Facebook fan group, blog, and Twitter.

and more!