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It’s Non Fiction Monday! Created by Picture Book of the Day, it’s where book bloggers feature a nonfiction book for kids. This is my first time participating, and first up is Saving Birds: Heroes Around the World by Pete Salmansohn and Stephen W. Kress.

An Audubon book, Saving Birds features five stories of birds nearing extinction, and the efforts mounted by ordinary people to save them.   

The strongest point of the book is the variety of birds featured, the species aren’t common birds and the bright photographs alongside the text really educate the reader on the birds.  From Black Robins in New Zealand, to Common Murres in California, a worldwide view of threatened species, and the varying attempts to preserve their numbers.
Readers travel worldwide, to locations such as Israel, where the number of Lesser Kestrel pairs is below a thousand, or China, where the Black Necked Cranes’ wetlands are dwindling.
Particular favorite: The story of the Quetzals of Chiapas, Mexico, and Oswoldo Contreras and Gonzalo Del Carpio, who put on school productions educating children about the bird, who was once worshipped by the Mayan and Aztec Indians. The two pass out coloring books after their puppet shows, and children write letters pledging their support.

This is a great title that demonstrates to kids and adults that everyone has the power to help wildlife.  One minor thing: The font on the back cover is in red, and is hard to read when paired with the dark green background color.

Copy for review provided by the publisher.
Title: Saving Birds: Heroes Around the World
Author: Pete Salmansohn and Stephen W. Kress
Date: September 2005
Publisher: Tilbury House
Pages: 40

Format: Trade paperback