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Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine and lets bloggers spotlight the upcoming releases they’re anxious to read.

Yes, this is another “the book-is-far-off-from-release-date-yet-I-post-it-as-a-WOW-post.”  Like I did with Daisy Whitney’s The Mockingbirds, I’m posting about another far off release.

This time it’s Nova Ren Suma’s Imaginary Girls.  There’s very little to go on here, but I managed to make a mockup cover that I like, which is pictured to the right.

Why do I want to read it?

  • Nova’s first novel, Dani Noir, just kills me. It’s so good, and so perfect. I re-read it occasionally before I tackle my own work-in-progress because it’s one of my favorite examples of first person for a young girl.
  • It has gothic fiction elements, and is compared to Shirley Jackson.
  • The plot.

Here’s the synopsis from Publishers Weekly:

The novel, which is tentatively slated for summer 2011, features various spooky elements—Penguin called it “reminiscent of Shirley Jackson’s supernatural family dramas”—and follows two sisters, one of whom is shunned by their town after discovering a dead body in the local reservoir.

And here’s what Nova has to say in my interview with her in September 2009:

It’s the story of Chloe, little sister of Ruby, the girl everyone in town looks to and wants to be. But one night something goes horribly wrong and a dead body is found. When the sisters are torn apart, Ruby will do whatever she can to make it right.

Alas, summer 2011 is a very long time.  In the meantime, visit and read Dani Noir!


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