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It took me awhile to get out of academic-mode and into book reviewing again, but I’m back. I earned my M.S. in Communications and it was a long haul, but here we are!  That aside, time to review The Brain Finds a Leg by Martin Chatterton.

My idea of Mavis.

The Brain is actually Theophilus Nero Hercule Sherlock Wimsey Father Brown Marlowe Spade Christie Edgar Allen Brain.  The “Brain” nickname comes from his oversized cranium, which, as you can guess is full of information.  The Brain has arrived in Farrago Bay, Australia where Sheldon McGlone is still mourning his father, lost at sea after a mysterious accident while driving a tourist-laden whale watching boat.  And there’s other peculiar animal happenings.  Possums stealing a Land Rover.   Lorikeets covering pet psychologists in waste. Kangaroos robbing convenience stores of tasty snacks.  And did I mention the fetching and barking pet crocodile named Mavis? Yes. Crocodile.

Sheldon becomes The Brain’s sidekick, primarily out of boredom and also urgency, after his brother is thrown into jail. When the city’s pride and glory, surfer Biff Manly, ends up dead with his leg severed, suspicion falls on Sean McGlone, and The Brain decides to take the case. Nobody’s exactly offering it to him, but he takes it.   And the animals’ behaviors aren’t the only thing that’s off in Farrago Bay. But how does it all fit?

I’m a big fan of the author Christopher Moore, which is why I offered to review this.  Brain author Martin Chatterton’s style and plot seemed to be in the same vein, and I wasn’t surprised I loved it.   I loved the rollicking humor and wacky sense of plot throughout the book. Chatterton appears to have a enjoyable time writing this, and the effort shows.  His flair with exaggeration and hyperbole run rampant through the book, with ridiculous names (Infinity Override) and even more outlandish incidents: the police sergeant having to play the role of ‘stick’ for the fetching crocodile,  The Brain   I knew I’d love Sheldon McGlone from his first appearance: groggy, and nearly hungover from a massive candy and chocolate binge.

I’d recommend The Brain Finds a Leg to middle readers to teens looking for a fun mystery, fans of Christopher Moore, and anybody who loves offbeat absurd comedies such as Arrested Development.

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Copy for review provided by the publisher

Title: The Brain Finds a Leg
Author: Martin Chatterton
Date:  October 2009
Publisher: Peachtree Publishers
Pages: 224
Format: Hardback

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