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Children's and YA literature reviews.

It’s Tuesday, and I like to post a random (And I mean, random!) top five of YA and kidlit.

Today’s is.. 

Top Five Literary Phenomenons I Want to See After Vampires and Zombies (Figuratively) Die and Werewolves Are Considered Lame

1.  Yetis
2. Aliens
3. Unicorns
4. Trolls
5.  Sea Monkeys and/or Sea Monsters

Face it.  Once vampires have made it to the juicebox set aka Disney, their time may be soon over.  But I came up with 5 other ideas for literary phenomenons after vampires and zombies die their metaphorical literary deaths, and werewolves become as fearsome as Golden Retriever puppies.

# 5 Admit it, you wanted sea monkeys as a kid.  And you always wondered “Why are those sea monkeys so tall on the package? What kind of lives do they have?” Novels about sea monkeys that are….wait for it.. carnivorous would be amazing.  And then you’d wonder, “Well, WHO do they kill? Why do they kill?”  If I saw a book entitled “Escape from the Carnivorous Sea Monkeys,” you’d bet I’d read it.  Sea Monsters is all could get some Loch Ness action in there too. The Kraken..

# 4  They can’t all be ugly and gross.  If vampires can sparkle, trolls can love.   Where’s my My Fair Troll? And no, not the scary little dolls.
(This picture cracks me up. You’ve GOT to look up the movie on Youtube. The music, the cinematography!) 
# 3 Girls love unicorns.  New YA release Rampant takes the tale of the familiar horned beasts and makes them into bloodthirsty animals.   I love it!  Even though one of my favorite books is The Last Unicorn, I’ve read several stories (especially from this anthology) that turn unicorns into more than pastel pink ponies.

# 2 Stephanie Meyer’s The Host didn’t usher in a slew of alien
books, but it’s never too late. Once a topic for science fiction
shelves, aliens can exist in the mainstream literature too.  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?  Try Tale Of Two Cities and Aliens
# 1 Have you seen the Disney Everest ride? And the horrible-looking Yeti who grabs at you? The Yeti angle offers a ton of possibilities.  Forbidden romances.. forget Bella and Edward, he’s a Yeti, she’s a Sasquatch, will their love ever survive such high altitudes and differing climates?


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