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I’m going to try a new feature here at my site. Film Fridays. The idea is simple. Blog about one of the following:

  • A book adapted into a film
  • A book you’d like to be made into a movie

My first Film Fridays post is for Frindle by Andrew Clements, one of my all-time favorites. Frindle is about Nick Allen, and his middle-school antics. He’s not really a troublemaker, he just wants to make school more fun.

When he’s assigned a report about dictionaries, he learns about the origin of a word, he decides to coin his own. He calls a pen a “frindle.” To his teacher’s surprise and annoyance, the word spreads beyond the school grounds to the city, then the county, and finally, the world.

Andrew Clements is a fantastic midde-grade author, and after seeing how well Louis Sachar’s Holes translated to screen, I know Frindle would be just as successful.


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