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Children's and YA literature reviews.

Words cannot express how much I adore the Puffin Classics lines. All of the covers with fantastic illustrations that encapsulate the story in one single image. From Little Women to A Little Princess, I want them all on my bookshelf.

I’ve only recently discovered this book series, due to me returning to my job as a bookseller, after a two year’s absence, so they might not be new to you. But seriously, kudos to Puffin for not only the terrific covers, but the inclusion of introductions by noted teen and children’s authors (Louise Rennison, Melvin Burgess, Cornelia Funke, etc).

Puffin UK’s page – This offers the best look at the series, although the titles are available in the US as well.

I mention classics because they are part of my Reading Resolutions. My resolutions are as follows:

  1. Read a classic (and no re-reads) a month
  2. Review a book a week
  3. Read at least 100 books this year (hopefully feasible between reading for school)
  4. Rather than always reading, finish some of my own books that are otherwise doomed to languish on my harddrive
  5. Interview 20 authors this year
  6. Make at least a post a week (I’m still kinda new to this book blog thing, but I need to make more posts!)

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